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Free Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups, universities and accelerator hubs

To help ensure as many medical devices get to market, Richard is committed to educate as widely as possible and donates 20% of his time to training and mentoring entrepreneurs so that they better understand the regulatory landscape they have to operate in. One-to-one and group training sessions can be provided for accelerator hubs, universities and hospitals free of charge. There is never any hard sell, just straight forward education to help those starting out on how to meet the regulatory requirements.

Training is tailored for each situation, but will likely focus on explaining the 3 fundamental principles for regulatory compliance:

  1. Medical Device Regulations
    Understanding the Regulations for Medical Devices; how to navigate them and how to meet their requirements for safety and performance.
  2. Design Control
    How to develop a compliant medical device and the importance of documenting Design Inputs.
  3. ISO 13485
    What is it, why is it necessary and how to meet its strict requirements?

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